Your Dream Dog

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How to Train your dog's brain

Have you always wanted a dog that behaves, does cute tricks, listens to whatever you say, comes when called, and doesn’t jump?  Don’t we all!  In the EBook, Brain Train Your Dog, you will develop all the hidden intelligence in your dog you didn’t even know was there.  You can have the pet of your dreams!  

No matter what kind of dog you have, they have the capability to become an exceptional dog.   No matter how bad you think your dog is, they have potential to be the most amazing dog you’ve ever seen!

Dogs need to be mentally challenged, on a regular basis in order to develop their intelligence.  By challenging your dog, you will see problem behaviors go away.  You need to get to the bottom of your dog’s behavior.  A lot of training programs just give you basic techniques on how to stop barking or chewing, without much meat to it and it can only be temporary – this is why it’s important to get to the root of the problem.  Some programs teach a force or dominance method, which has been proven not to be the best option for training your dog.  It’s important to create a positive bond with your dog during the training process.

Make sure a training program has a certification.  There are a lot of people out there claiming they can train your dog for a minimal price but if they don’t know what they’re doing, those behaviors that you didn’t like so well can actually get worse. 

The Science Behind This Dog Training System

“The science behind my system of correcting bad behaviors is simple.
You may have heard of the idea of ‘neuroplasticity’ in the human brain.
It’s a well established idea researched heavily at Harvard and other leading universities.
In other words – our brains are like soft plastic – always capable of molding and changing to learn new habits and behaviors.
Well your dog’s brain is the EXACT same.
With the right mental stimulation and training… (That you will get in my program) your dog’s brain will become more open and receptive to learning new information.
Your dog will listen to you and better understand what you are telling him to do.  When this happens – your dog’s bad behaviors simply fade away as more desirable ones appear in their place.”


In this video series, there are 7 modules.  The first one is the foundation for the whole course.  It’s important to get your dog’s attention and keep it.  When you get your dog to have complete communication with you, you’re going to have a very obedient dog.  In the first lesson, that’s precisely what you will be doing so they can learn exciting things like how to open a door. 

The 2nd lesson gives you games to help with their boredom, mentally stimulates them to keep them out of trouble and games to drain their energy to make them easier to work with.

Lesson number 3  will learn patience and impulse control.  How to settle your dog after an activity, mental stimulation, and even helping them conquer any fear of water they may have.

In Lesson 4, your dog will hone in on their motor skills and ability to concentrate.  Also mental agility, patience, calmness and dexterity.

Lesson 5 still will be focusing on patience and add to their intelligence.  Impulse control is a big part of having a better behaving dog.  If you’re gone at work a lot or just gone from the home a lot, this module will help you create a stronger bond to help them be alone.  Also you will learn how to get your dog to stop barking at other dogs and people who walk by your house.

Lesson 6 will help you teach your dog to stay by your side – no matter what, pick up toys by name and other games to impress your friends.

Lesson 7 – genius level!  Your friends will be impressed at how your dog can pick up his own toys, play piano and stack rings.
All this being said, I highly recommend Brain Training For Dogs to get the ultimate dog you’ve ever dreamed of!