What to do When Traditional Medicines Won’t Clear Infections

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As with human antibiotics, sometimes dog’s conventional treatment for ear infections have been showing to be resistant to bacteria. If this is the case, there are some natural and unconventional treatments that you might want to try. One is Manuka Honey which is found in different products. (Click here to read more) In 2016, a study was conducted to test the effectiveness of Manuka Honey to treat bacterial ear infections in 15 dogs. Researchers applied 1 ml of medical-grade honey in the dogs’ ears for 21 days. The results showed the honey worked rapidly against bacteria, with 70 percent of the dogs achieving a clinical cure between seven and 14 days, and 90 percent by day 21. This honey worked against all bacteria tested, along with bacteria that proved resistant to drug-resistant strains of bacteria. Now the Manuka Honey alone proved to not be enough to resolve every ear infection – most dogs had symptom relief by day 21 but some still had infections. Green clay is another treatment of bacteria that has shown to help in clearing up these infections.