What is a Yeast Infection

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When our dogs are not feeling well, it effects us, their owners.  I know most dogs feel like they own us, and there might be something said on that.  But, don’t mistake certain health issues for nothing.  Take yeast infections, for example.  A lot of times this is mistaken for allergies, but in reality, allergies can be the cause of your dog having a yeast infection.  There are many places your dog can contract a yeast infection: paws, eyes, skin, rear, and the most common place is the ears.  The scientific term for this is Canine Candidiasis.   Yeast infections occur when yeast, which is a natural organism in a dog’s body (and ours) to keep the immune system working, gets out of balance and grows out of control.  This is a natural occurrence on any dog, but if your dog’s immune system is compromised at all, this could cause a yeast infection on any one of these areas.  

What Does This Look Like?

If your dog has a skin yeast infection, they could have sores, loss of hair in that particular location of the infection and it will probably have a not-so-pleasant odor.  If the infection is in their ear, they will also have a foul smell and there could be discharge coming from the ear.

Dogs with floppy ears are more at risk for getting an ear infection because of the moistness that holds in their ears.  Some of the causes of this could be their food.  You’re going to want to eliminate yeast from their diet, so make sure you check their food ingredients.  Click here for a list of yeast-free dog foods.  Sugar and carbs are big contributors for creating too much yeast.

One of the main causes of a yeast infection is bad nutrition.  As with people, when we eat too much sugar and carbs, our bodies develop an abundance of yeast.  Left untreated, your dog could experience more health problems.  The first step is to cut out the grain in your dog’s diet.  A diet of raw meat with the bones may be helpful in restoring your dog’s internal well being.  Be patient, this takes time to change things up and see results.

Home Remedies

There are some home remedies that have been proven to help get rid of yeast infections.  Some are apple cider vinegar, garlic mullein oil, calendula, oregano.  These will help reduce the need to scratch and help them feel better in a few days.   Sometimes vaccinations, antibiotics and steroids can cause a yeast infection as it lowers your dog’s immune system.

What is a dog yeast infection

When To Call The Vet

If, after trying some of the home remedies and you don’t see any results, take your dog to your vet.  Especially if it stays inflamed.  You want to get a diagnoses on what is troubling your dog’s ears.  If your dog has inflammation in the inner part of the ear, you will not be able to see it, a vet will be able to look in and make a good diagnoses.  They will set the best treatment for your dog, a lot of times it will be with an antibiotic – whether external or orally.  It would be a good decision to give your dog a probiotic to put the good bacteria back into their system, as antibiotics strip a system of good and bad bacteria.