Prevention of Dog Ear Infections

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If you have a floppy-eared dog breed, keep hair within the ear trimmed back to prevent moisture from getting trapped in the ear. Periodically wash your dog’s ears with a solution like apple cider vinegar mixed with equal parts water, massage into the ear to break up the wax. This helps keep the yeast from multiplying.
Unfortunately, canine ear infections are all too common, caused by bacteria & yeast built-up due to: moisture, wax, allergies, ear mites, excessive hair growth in the ear, or hypothyroidism. Bacteria can grow quite easily in your dog’s ears if moisture becomes trapped in the canal, a typical result of bathing, grooming or swimming.

It is not hard to tell when your dog has the infection. You can tell from his/her behavior. Bad odor is one of the ways of determining when there is an infection. Sometimes the ears can swell, it can look red and in some cases, you can observe moist discharge from the ears. If these symptoms are there, they are indications that your dog is not well.  Your vet can formulate the best treatment for your dog.
You can spare your dog from that needless suffering. The best way to do that is to explore ways of preventing such ear infections from occurring. There are a lot of ways you can do that, a few of them are reviewed for you here.

Underlying Causes

For every infection, there is always a factor or cause that is responsible for it. Your responsibility is to rule out those causes. Do not rest until you find the real causes and start addressing it.  Some of the known causes are: foreign objects getting into the ears, allergies, as well as autoimmune diseases, hormonal problems and tumors and so on. Find out those things that cause those allergies. One of the ways of dealing with that is to treat the dog’s ears very well. In addition to that, you must be mindful of the type of foods you serve your dogs. You must ensure that the environment is good for your dog and those factors that cause allergens are discovered and dealt with in time.

Dry and Clean

Ensure that the dog’s ears are dry and clean. Research has shown that these yeasts can thrive when the condition is ripe for it. Condition is ripe for it when the ear is wet. Some dogs have floppy ears and this can trap water inside the ears. To prevent that, ensure that you wash and clean the ears from time to time.  Furthermore, you should take your dog to their regular checkups with your vet.  Ensure that those factors that actually predispose your dog for such an infection are effectively removed.  If you bathe your dog, use cotton balls to clean the ears, ensuring  you do not get any piece of the cotton ball inside the ears.

You must always keep the ears clean. When doing so, it won’t become a breeding ground for the bacteria to thrive. Ensure that you apply the correct cleaning instrument when you are cleaning the dog’s ears. You must use the perfect cleaning solution for that purpose. In addition, you must use the right cotton ball.  Clean the ears thoroughly often, especially if your dog is a swimmer.  Whenever the dog’s ears appear dirty and when you see wax in the ears, you should not waste any time in cleaning it. When you clean the ears properly, ear infections should hardly occur.

What is the Best Ear Cleaner to Use?

This question is very important because if you do not clean it well, infection can certainly occur.  There area variety of cleaning solutions on the market. Vets have always recommended products containing hydrogen peroxide, or vinegar. If you want to do it in your home, you can always use half the water.

Use of Supplements

One of the causes of ear infections in dogs has to do with the kind of food they eat sometimes.  Yeast-free foods are best.  Such foods must be highly nutritional. When you feed your dog with a nutritional diet, it would be difficult for the infections to occur again. There is no substitute for quality nutrients.  When you pair it with the best supplements, it will make it extremely difficult for the yeast to grow in the ears or other parts of the body.
However, before you use any of the supplements, you should clear with your vet to know the best formulation to get for your dog. In most cases, allergies remain the root cause of that problem. You can deal with those allergies by using products like omega 3 fatty supplement. This is often recommended by your vet.  It can deal with most of those problems.
If you get a good supplement, it could reduce the effect of inflammation. When that becomes the problem, it is going to reduce the risk of ear infections.
If your pet suffers from a malfunctioned immune system, then it can always be exposed to this kind of problem. It is, therefore, necessary that you maintain immune balance and this will make it difficult for bacteria to survive in the body. In that kind of situation, it is necessary that you follow up with probiotic supplements. This can help balance the body’s immune system. Your dog will be able to resist such bacteria growth in the ears or other parts of the body.