Dog Foods and Ear Infections

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Some dog infections are caused by your pet’s lifestyle, which includes the type of food they eat. Taking too many starchy foods are not the best for your dog because such can cause yeast infections. If your pet suffers from constant scratching, itching or feels uncomfortable, these could be signs of an infection and this means that all are not well for your animal. These can be caused by the high amount of yeast in the grain foods they consume. Dogs require healthy foods, just like humans, to stay healthy. To control that problem, there is the need to make changes in the food you serve your pet. Dogs shaking their head is a sign of an infection and it is the allergic reaction to that problem. Whenever you see such signs of infection, it is better to initiate treatment. Contact your vet for advice.

How to Determine the Best Dog’s Food Diet

The best dog foods are protein diets. Your vet can help you in this during the treatment process. Trial and error methods have always worked and it involved feeding the dog with a high-quality protein and carbohydrates which it has never consumed before. The most important thing is that such foods must consist of broken down protein. There are several of such on the market. Such foods should contain small quantities of carbohydrates. It should be small to prevent it from causing an allergic reaction. The trick is to search for those foods that have sufficient quantities of hydrolyzed protein, or those that are said to be a limited antigen.
When you feed your pet the wrong diet, it is going to be counterproductive. The bacteria derive energy from those foods. You would be thinking that you are feeding your dog, not knowing that you are only feeding the infection. Yeast can survive long in the body if the ground is fertile for it. When it has sufficient energy to survive on, it can survive. Because of that, you must be thinking of how best to offer your dog anti-yeast dog foods.

Yeast Free Dog Foods are Necessary

It is recommended that you feed your dog with anti-yeast food. Within a short time, the yeast will not be growing. They require a good diet and it includes those that can support your dog’s immune system. Such foods will help because they help in fighting those infections.  Even if your dogs were already suffering from those allergies, it could be cured sooner because it would stop getting the bacteria that enable it to survive.
Feeding your dog with low sugar food is good, but it would not solve that problem completely. There is still the need to add some carbs to the diet. The key component you would be worried about is the starch component. It can be cheap and they are readily available in several foods and ingredients such as peas, sweet potato as well as corn and rice.

What to Look Out for in Dog Foods

Whenever you are purchasing food for your dog, you must pay serious attention to the label. Read the labels. The aim is to find out those foods that can help in building your pet’s immune system. Such foods can fight allergies and they can assist in flushing out toxins. Most importantly, you must look for foods that can assist in preventing yeast overgrowth.

What Foods to Avoid 

There are certain categories of food you must always keep away from. They include: Those foods that are highly processed, those with high fructose corn additives, grains and wheat must be avoided, foods rich in carbs like potato and rice.  
When you are making a choice, look for those foods that are an antigen and they include fresh food, unprocessed and whole foods, lean and fresh protein, digestive enzymes and probiotic foods, foods low in carbs.
There are a lot of foods that fall within that category. The most important amongst them and those that are readily available include broccoli, garlic, squash, lamb, beef, chicken, as well as dark leafy greens and so on. If you want to use garlic, it must be in a low dosage. When it is high, it can be dangerous. Even where it is low, you have to monitor it closely. Most importantly, you can get more professional information from your vet.

Top Dog Food Brands

As said before, there are a lot of yeast free dog foods on the market today. Some diet conscious companies have introduced many of such foods. It would not be difficult for someone to make a choice. Here are some of the best brands.
Wholesome homemade foods: There are a lot of potato and grain free dehydrated food products on the market. They are produced with a wide range of ingredients. Because of that, such foods would support healthy dog lives.  To consume them you only need to add a well-prepared stew and feed your pet with the most nutritious and delicious food.
Precise:  This is another high-quality, grain-free formulation. It contains a well-balanced diet. It includes sufficient quantities of probiotics as well as fatty acids. Apart from being nutritious, the brand can help fight off a yeast infection.
The Honest Kitchen:  This is another high-quality food recommended for pet owners. This food has sufficient quantities of healthy ingredients and it is devoid of any preservatives. The other important thing about this formulation is that it can help deal with your dog’s yeast infection.
Discovering the best dry food is not easy.  There are several dry foods which are well prepared and that can help your dog. Such dry foods are quite different from your pet’s normal diet. Sometimes it is a little difficult for your dog to change and process such foods, so introduce them slowly.