Cleaning Your Dog’s Ears

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If you are a dog owner, it is necessary that you clean your dog’s ears. It is a way of keeping ear infection at bay. Secondly, cleaning them can prevent wax from building up. When there is an excessive wax discharge in your dog’s ears, it can be a serious problem, it can become a fertile ground for yeast and other bacteria to grow. The worst is that it can lead to an ear infection.

What You Need to Clean your Dog’s Ears

There are some useful instruments which you need to clean your dog’s ears and they include the following:
Cotton Pads and an ear cleaning solution. Do not look for those that contain alcohol as that can cause serious irritation. Only use Q-tips on the outside canal, never put it into your dog’s ears.

Cleaning Your Dog’s Ears, Step-by-Step

Check first if there is an ear infection before cleaning. Though you can clean it, the first thing is to treat your dog for that infection. Your vet can determine the actual cause of that infection and take steps to address the problem. You can always tell when your dog has an ear infection when there is a foul smell. Physically check your dog’s ears closely to see any evidence of such odor which may include swelling, redness, as well as excess goop. When there are of the signs mentioned above, then you can go for medication or try some at-home remedies.

Add the Ear Cleaner

After your dog has been treated for an infection then you can start the cleaning process properly. In most cases, the dog does not have an infection. You start the cleaning process by adding the cleaner. Squeeze some into the ear canal. Do not allow the bottle to touch the ears. Massage to help the cleaning solution go down the canal easier. Massage that junction where the ear meets the head. When you do that, you’ll discover that the cleaner moves to all parts of the ears.   Click here to find out more:


The dog will most likely shake their ears once the dog notices liquid in the ear. If the dog does not do that shaking, you can help out by shaking the head. This would ensure that the liquid reaches to all parts of the ears. The fact that your dog allows you to clean his ears properly without disturbance, shows that he should be rewarded. There are different ways to reward your dog. You can shower much affection and praise to them. You can also give him a toy or any other thing that can entice him. If your dog knows that he would be expecting something good anytime this type of cleaning exercise is carried out, it will be easier the next time.

Plucking Your Dog’s Ear Hair

There are instances that you need to pluck the dog’s ear hair to ensure proper cleaning. It is not in all cases and it depends on the dog type. Certain dog breeds such as Bichons, Shih Tzus as well as Maltese and Poodles and so many others have hairs develop in their ear canal. In such situations, it could be necessary to pluck the ear hair to enable the solution to penetrate to the ear base very well for proper cleaning. While some experts disagree on this, the medical opinion is that apart from allowing the cleaning solution to reach the ears, it also makes it possible for air to pass through the system easily. When sufficient air passes through the ears like other dog breeds, it could minimize ear infection.

Rule of Thumb

It is important that when you clean your dog’s ears that you do that without causing any harm. The rule is that you start from the outside and gradually work your way to the inside. Moreover, you have to be gentle while doing that. If, in the process that you begin to get resistance from your dog, then you have to be more gentle. Do not push further because if you do, you could damage the ear. You must do that cautiously. Ensure that the part of the ear that you can see is well cleaned. If you wet that cotton ball, it would help in completely cleaning the inner part of the ears. This routine is important and you must ensure that you do it regularly. If you can clean the ears once a week, this will help in the prevention of further ear infections . Just as your ears are important to you, the same way, they are important to your dogs.

How to clean your dog's ears