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About Me:      

Hello! My name is Kassie and like you – I love dogs!  This is me dog, Dessa.  Shes’s very smart and loving.  I’ve been a dog lover and owner for as long as I can remember – they add so much to us humans – they actually teach us sometimes more than we teach them.

Ive had a German Shephard, Poodle, Chocolate Lab, Pit Bull Terrier/Lab, and now a Lab/aussie Mix. Each one has brought me joy. But when our dog gets ill, we are just as miserable as them so when my Pit Bull kept getting ear infections, I decided to do a little research and start a site to help others. So enjoy the site – browse around, shop and tell us what you think!

About Our Site:

So first off, we are not vets – so we have utilized experts and vets to help us spread the word on different ways to help prevent and aid in giving you remedies – natural and over the counter – to help with your dogs’ ear infections.  We will also have other articles on other issues with your dog along with some training articles and videos.


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