15 Ways to Treat Dog Ear Yeast Infections

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Many pet owners do not feel comfortable seeing their dogs in pain. One of the things that makes dogs be in pain is an ear yeast infection. To help your dog out of that problem, you have to find ways of treating such dog ear yeast infections. Here, you will discover various ways of treating such an infection. Some of these techniques are simple such that you can do them at home without difficulties.

15 Ways to Treat Dog Ear Yeast Infections

There are two major ways of treating the infection. The method to adopt depends on the stage of that infection. If it is in the early stages, then you start applying natural remedies. These are effective and they do not have any negative side effects.

However, if it has reached an advanced stage, you can try the natural method, but if it fails to work, you can opt for prescription medication. This implies you visit your vet doctor for such prescription medication.  Many pet owners would always opt for homemade remedies because of the obvious advantages. The first reason is that they are cheaper than prescribed medication. The second reason is that they are readily available more than the prescribed counterparts.  In addition, prescribed drugs are sometimes composed of chemicals and these can be harsh to the dogs. Homemade is natural and this suggests it is one 100% organic. You do not have anything to fear when you apply this kind of medication.  

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Coconut oil

Many would resort to certain medications, but if you want something organic, you can use coconut oil. Several pet owners have testified of its effectiveness in helping out their dogs’ ear yeast infections. Coconut oil contains properties that may help treat ear yeast infections. The medium-chain fatty acids include an antifungal property that kills the yeast. It also has anti-inflammatory properties in case it has developed sores.
You can incorporate coconut oil into your dog’s food or apply it directly to the affected area. For a better result, wipe first the affected area with apple cider vinegar and water mixture (same ratio). Let the skin dry, and then rub the coconut oil into the affected area. Do it regularly until yeast clears off the area. Click on the link to learn more

Tea Tree Oil Treatment

This is another option for you. It is a natural formulation and it contains the antibacterial infection. It can deal with all the yeasts that inhabit in the dog’s ear. An application of just two tablespoons of it would be alright for your pet. To make that oil more powerful and effective, you can combine it with garlic cloves. Research has shown that this is more powerful in dealing with the situation.

Oregano Oil

It is another great and natural solution you can use to treat dog ear yeast infection. Ensure that it is well diluted before you use it. Using it without dilution could be harsh. This means that it could have its own side effects which are not good for your dog. Once it is well diluted, it is going to be effective in addressing the problem. Vitamin E Research has shown that Vitamin E is also very powerful and effective when it comes to dealing with this kind of problem. It features both protective as well as cleansing power. When you apply a drop of to the affected dog, it will begin to work wonders.

Boric Acid

This kind of acid is very effective and powerful. It is the most useful when it comes to the treatment of this kind of condition, especially after swimming. Apart from that, it can treat other related dog illnesses.  Sprinkling some of the powder in your dog’s ears after swimming or bathing to treat some mild infections.

Mullein Oil

When you use this oil with garlic, its combined potency will ensure quick treatment and recovery of your dog.  This is possible due to their great antimicrobial property. Mix it in the correct proportion and you will enjoy the benefits.

Calendula Oil

If you are looking for the perfect choice for yeast removal, you can opt for this oil. Apart from the ear, you can also apply it to other parts of your dog’s body.

Aloe Ointment 

This is another wonderful natural product that can be applied to the ear that is infected with yeast.  It can treat similar conditions like skin eruptions, irritations and other kinds of dog infections. Ensure that you mix it very well.

Margosa Oil

Perhaps the most effective way of treating your dog ear yeast infection is the use of Margosa oil. Research has shown that it is effective because of its unique antimicrobial properties. Most importantly, it has a great soothing effect.  Due to Margosa’s antimicrobial properties, it is commonly used to cure dog ear infections. Margosa oil works most effectively when it is combined with other ingredients like tea tree and eucalyptus oils. This remedy will help in soothing the inflammation that accompanies ear infections and providing relief from symptoms.

Petroleum Jelly

If you use petroleum jelly alone, you cannot achieve the perfect result. But when you combine it with an essential oil such as tea tree oil, you can perceive the wonders.

Witch Hazel

This product is recommended because of the antiseptic property. When you apply it, it is effective because it would make microbes growth very difficult. Moreover, because of the antibacterial properties, it is a good choice.  


This is an over the counter solution. It is very powerful and that it is why it can relieve dogs of this kind of problem. Many users always have success. 

White Vinegar

This is another perfect solution to a dog ear yeast infection problem. It is so effective that it can easily return the ear PH level to an acidic state and when it does that, the yeast will no longer survive in that hostile environment.

Topical Cream

This solution can work very well when the condition is in the formative stage. If you get any topical cream and apply it to the affected area, it would reverse the situation. You can buy it at your vet’s office, many of them are on the market also. Perhaps your vet can assist you in making a perfect choice.

Oral Treatment

If the condition becomes severe or chronic such that it does not respond to other kinds of treatment, you can consider this option. It can work wonders for you and you would like the results.

These are different ways you can treat your dog of ear yeast infection. These methods are effective. If you are finding it difficult, you can consult your vet for advice.